Unlock Your Full Potential, And That Of Your Sports Car


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High Performance Driving Masterclasses

This bespoke service is all about you and your car, making any sports or performance car so much more engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.


Dynamic Handling

Explore, understand and exploit your car’s handling characteristics

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On Road

Develop an extremely rewarding, swift, smooth and safe driving style

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Total Control

A logical combination of Dynamic Handling and On Road fusion

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Using world class UK facilities, your course will be tailored to your precise requirements and existing ability, and to what you drive. We will help you fully understand your sports car, and master the many key techniques necessary to safely enjoy so much more of your car’s performance, more of the time.

  • “Customer is very pleased with their experience with Ivan and his teaching.  They have left a testimonial that may help to convert more potential customers...”
    Joe Bloggs
    Nice Customer
  • “This customer wants everyone to know what a fun and informative time they had with Total Car Control, and looks forward to visiting again...”
    Rob Smith
    All Round Nice Chap
  • “This person wants everyone to know not to scared, or worried, and to trust that other, potential customers will have a good time with Ivan and the Total Car Control team...”
    Julie Jones
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About Total Car Control

Our coaching style is gentle, patient, fun and engaging; delivered at an intensity that you control and at a level tailored to your existing ability.

  • Instructor Lead

    One-to-one masterclasses are usually with company owner and lead coach, Ivan Thompsett; full-time performance driving specialist since 2003.

  • About Ivan

    Solely with own clients since 2008

    Previously a Senior Porsche Driving Consultant; BMW M Power Institute instructor and programme manager; AMG Driving Specialist; Lotus Performance Instructor etc.
    Grade A (formerly Grade 6) Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
    RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction (Distinction)
    RoSPA Gold Advanced Driving Test (5 times)

  • A Personal Note

    "This is a message from Ivan, a personal touch, an almost introduction and 'elevator pitch' for Total Car Control as a service, not a business.  Why it is important for owners of these vehicles, and the benefit of the courses."


High Performance Principles

Download your FREE e-book and immerse yourself in knowledge that you can start applying to your driving right away.

Crammed with straight-talking tips and techniques to make your driving all the more engaging, more enjoyable, and more rewarding. Our e-book was borne of a desire to freely share key advice that will give you at least a taste of what you can expect to gain from coaching with us.

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